The Relationship Between Hearing Aids and Dementia

Studies show that wearing a hearing aid can slow down the progress of dementia by up to 75%. Scientists believe that keeping older people engaged and active by wearing hearing aids can significantly reduce age related cognitive decline. These studies underline just how important it is to overcome the barriers of wearing an aid (like stigma, and denial) so that people do not isolate themselves, which has been linked to dementia.

It is Markham Hearing Centre’s conviction that improved hearing can improve the quality of life. Research is starting to note that hearing loss is not the inability to hear (a sensory failure) but the inability to assign accurate and correct meaning to sound (which is a cognitive process). We believe that hearing aids can improve mood and increase social interactions, quality of life, daily function and so much more. Thus, if you have a loved one that you are concerned about, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our experienced audiologist for a free consultation. (See Journal of American Geriatrics Society, Vol. 65, Issue 9, 2017)