Goals of Hearing Professionals

The staff at Markham Hearing Centre is dedicated in providing patients with exceptional service. From the moment you arrive you are greeted with a smile from our front desk administrative assistant.  All adult and pediatric audiometric evaluations are preformed by our experienced Audiologist, and any findings are fully explained to the patient. Markham Hearing Centre focuses on individual needs; we listen to our patients and address all their concerns. Here at Markham Hearing Centre we have a total commitment to your hearing satisfaction. At Markham Hearing Centre we are dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life. We have a staff of highly trained professionals who have a passion for better hearing. Call us today to find out how we can help you or your loved one.

Hearing Aids Sales and Service

Our office provides patients with continuous care and maintenance with their hearing aids. This involves minor repairs, programming and adjustments to all makes and models, hearing aid cleaning and annual check ups. We also carry a wide range of hearing aid accessories to be used with all types of hearing instruments.

In addition, we extend our commitment to customer satisfaction to all services and repairs of not only the hearing aids we sold but to those sold by other centers also.

If, and only if, your hearing assessment indicates that a hearing aid will be beneficial, will a hearing aid trial be recommended. Depending on your particular hearing loss and communication needs our audiologist will provide you all the necessary information to make an educated choice.

Our Service Makes Us Better

Markham Hearing Centre is dedicated to providing the best hearing aid service available. This includes providing our clients with stress free, no pressure environment to make their decision on purchasing a hearing aid. This also includes providing the client with all the various options, models and price ranges to choose from.

Hearing Test at No Charge to Patient

With a doctor’s referral all hearing tests at Markham Hearing Centre are covered by OHIP.  Patients may bring the referral with them or have their doctor fax the referral directly to our office. Many other clinics provide free hearing test but they are generally not covered by OHIP or preformed by a registered audiologist like all our tests are.  Out of country or none referral patients will be charged a nominal fee for their hearing tests.

Our Absolutely Free Trial for Hearing Aids

At Markham Hearing Centre we provide a 90 day free trial period on all our hearing aids. If the first hearing aid you try does not meet all your expectations we are more than happy to provide another free hearing aid trial of a different make or model.

Government Grants for Ontario Residents

Ontario residents may be eligible for a government grant towards the purchase of hearing aids. For details contact our office.

Insurance Plans Accepted

Our office is familiar with various insurance plans from WSIB, DVA, to Blue Cross and other private insurance plans. In most cases, our office can apply on line for pre approval where necessary. We complete and mail all required forms free of charge.

Follow Ups

We believe that our clients will only be fully satisfied by a hearing aid that fits comfortably and provides a noticeable benefit to them. We will continue to provide support to all our hearing aid clients including making regular adjustment as needed. Our clients are free to visit us at any time for a check up on their hearing aids.

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