What is involved during a hearing test?

We will begin by taking a detailed history regarding your hearing health. A physical examination of your ears will then be preformed followed by an impedance test to determine how well your eardrum is functioning. Next, we will conduct a diagnostic hearing evaluation. You will listen to a various tones through earphones in a sound proof booth. You will also be tested on how clearly you can understand and recognize words. After the testing is complete, the Audiologist will review the test result with you. If a medical condition is discovered or suspected, they will refer you back to your family doctor for medical consult with a specialist. If the test results indicate that you would benefit from amplification, we will book a hearing aid evaluation to discuss the different options with you.

What is involved in a hearing aid evaluation?

The hearing health care professional will review the test results with you. They will explain your loss in detail outlining which situations, if not already, you will have difficulty hearing. Choosing the most appropriate instrument is largely based on the type and degree of loss. We will ask questions regarding your daily lifestyle and determine which situations hearing aids would help improve your hearing. Markham Hearing Centre works with all manufacturers we are dedicated in providing amplification to suit individual needs. We will go over a range of products in detail and help you choose the most appropriate product to suit your needs.

What occurs during a hearing aid fitting?

At the hearing aid fitting you will be fitted with the product. We will ensure that the fit and sound quality is good and that you are happy with the aid(s). You will also be educated on your hearing aid(s) and how to successfully use and care for them. Any concerns you have answers will be addressed immediately. When you are confident with the care and usage of your product we will schedule follow up appointments to help you adjust to wearing hearing aids and to be sure they are working well for you.

How long will my hearing aid battery last?

There are a number of factors that will determine how long your battery will last: how long you are wearing the hearing aid, the type and size of your hearing aid, the battery size etc. Ask the staff at Markham Hearing Centre for more detail.

How long will my hearing aid last?

If properly cared for, most hearing aids will last approximately four to six years. We encourage bi-annual visits for cleaning and service of your hearing aids.

Is it difficult to adjust to wearing hearing aids?

Wearing hearing aids for the first time requires the brain to adapt to the sounds you were missing without amplification. Today’s hearing aids are so sophisticated and flexible they can be adjusted to almost any hearing loss. Adjusting to the usage of a hearing aid can be different for anyone. It is important to speak to your hearing health care professional about any concerns you may have. When you purchase your hearing aid from Markham Hearing Centre you are building a relationship with your hearing care provider. We will continue to access your hearing needs and assure that you are adapting well to the product.

Will my hearing aids make my Tinnitus worse?

No, wearing hearing aids will not make your tinnitus worse. It is common that individuals that experience tinnitus will find relief from wearing hearing aids.

Will my hearing aids restore my hearing aids back to normal?

Hearing aids are designed to aid in hearing; they will not restore your hearing back to normal. Like eyeglasses they are very beneficial. Hearing aids can improve your hearing in different listening situations and environments, and are very useful in improving speech understanding in individuals with a hearing loss.

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