Hearing Aid Technology

Most hearing aids on the market today use digital technology. Digital hearing aids take the continuous sound wave and break it into tiny pieces of information. This is called digitizing the signal. All digital hearing aids perform this.

The word digital in terms of hearing aid technology refers to the method of how the hearing aid processes sound. The hearing aid has a powerful computer chip that can process sound faster than 100-200 million calculations per second.

The more sophisticated the digital hearing instrument, the greater ability to amplify the softest sounds of speech while at the same

time minimizing unwanted noise. With the rapid increase of digital technology, manufactures have produced various levels of digital hearing aids from very basic to high end. Advantages of digital technology include a larger accuracy in adjustments and more versatile sound processing.

Modern hearing technology has advanced greatly in recent years to enhance sound quality and adaptation to hearing in different listening environments.

These enhancements include better feedback suppressing systems that eliminate any whistling from occurring. This improved technology also provides smaller and more compact models while adding convenient features such as 

bluetooth hands free calling, full day battery life with a lithium ion rechargeable battery and smart phone apps that optimize the sound quality.  Through modern hearing aid technology you can also stream TV and other devices wirelessly through your hearing aids or benefit from the use of a small microphone that allows for better distance hearing. This technology can also be used by your hearing care provider to remotely adjust your hearing aids to improve your sound experience no matter your location.  Come in to our clinic to learn more about the advancements in digital technology.

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