Making Sense of Sound

Did you know that we hear in our brains? Sure, our ears are responsible for sending information to the brain, but it is the brain that requires a complete and clear signal for the ears to focus, recognize, orient, and separate sounds in the environment. The fewer details of sound the brain receives, the harder it has to work to make sense of it. Today’s hearing solutions allow the brain to receive proper information in all listening situations. The technology inside a modern hearing device allows you to: organize sounds; hear better in challenging environments, understand speech over other noises; and enjoy an enriched listening environment that is personalized to your particular needs.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Downloadfilm Beauty and the Beast 2017 trailer

Thus, we want to remind you it’s important to have your hearing aid(s) checked and cleaned at our clinic annually. You may also want to talk to our audiologists about upgrading to the latest digital technology or maybe refer a friend who you think could benefit from having their hearing checked. Anyone who books an appointment during the month of May, June, July and mention the promo code “NEWSLETTER” will receive $200 off each hearing aid over and beyond the ADP government grant of $500 off each aid.