Keeping up with Technology

A common complaint and struggle from those with hearing loss is their difficultly in hearing and following a conversation in a noisy restaurant.

Understandable, since even those with perfect hearing can struggle in a noisy restaurant. You may want to ask the hostess for a table in the corner and away from the kitchen or bar in an attempt to find a quieter section.

New technology has greatly improved hearing aids in recent years. Today’s aids are virtually invisible, some are even waterproof or rechargeable.


Most are automatically adjustable to all kinds of sound environments and filter out background noises. If your hearing aids are over 5 years old you may want to take some time and research what features new hearing aids can offer you.

In an attempt to keep up with changing technology our clinic is continually updating our office equipment and attending conferences on new hearing products and research.

In addition, we just revamped our website to include more information about: hearing loss and testing plus different hearing aids manufactures, office hours and clinic directions. We also included several pages on frequently asked questions and general hearing aid maintenance.

You can now print off a Doctor’s Referral Form and a Refer a Friend Coupon that you can bring to our office when needed.

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