Everything you wanted to know about… Hearing Aid Batteries

The length of time that hearing aid batteries will last depends not only on the brand, but also the particular type of hearing aids that you are using. If your hearing aid requires more power, the battery will run out faster. Usually, hearing aid batteries will last anywhere from 3 days (size 10) to seven days (size 312) to 10 days (size 13) to 2 weeks (size 675).
If you notice your hearing aids drain quickly have your hearing aids check by a professional, as this could be a sign that they are not performing properly. Hearing professionals can check the battery contacts in the hearing aids, and see if there is some sort of issue causing a malfunction. In cases where there is something wrong with the hearing aids, you can have them sent in for repair.
Hearing aid batteries can also run out more quickly than they should if you leave them in places where they will be in hot temperatures. Heat can make the activation stickers on the back of hearing aid batteries peel off, which would cause them to start releasing energy even when you’re not using them. And since the stickers will go back onto the battery as soon as it gets cool again, you will probably never notice.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)
Moreover, please be aware that the batteries will run out quicker when you stream with Bluetooth devices. Most of the hearing aid batteries on the market work by mixing zinc with oxygen. These are known as “Zinc Air” batteries. When you take the tab off of a hearing aid battery, it immediately becomes active. Even if you put the tab back on, the damage is already done. As soon as that tab is peeled the first time, there is no going back. Keep the tabs on until the last minute when you are ready to use them. As soon as the batteries die, do not mix them back with new ones, as you could get confused.
Fresh batteries are very important. At Markham Hearing Centre we receive a new shipment of batteries every month. Many people tell us our batteries last longer than other batteries they have tried. Wherever you purchase them, not only check the expiration date on the back, but ask how long they have been sitting in stock in their store.

There are remote controls that can wirelessly increase or decrease the volume of your aids or change programs. The remote controls are wonderful for individuals who have dexterity issues like arthritis and Parkinson’s disease.