Why Choose Markham Hearing Centre


Competitive Pricing

Within 90 days Markham Hearing Centre will match any written quote from an authorized clinic provided the prescription is for the exact hearing aid model, service and warranty.


Experienced Audiologist

We always have an experienced audiologist on site. All our staff are trained and supervised by our senior audiologist.


More Staff Equals Quicker Service

We now have more staff to provide our outstanding service at a quicker rate. All patients will be contacted within 24 hours of leaving a message at our office. And now more minor repairs can be done on site for a quicker turnaround.


OHIP Covered Hearing Tests

With a referral from your family doctor the cost of your hearing test is fully covered by OHIP. A consult letter is always sent to the referring doctor.


ENT Doctor on Site

Markham Hearing Centre shares office space with Dr. Werger and his associates who are well know Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) doctors. They offer us their expertise and supervision on specific ear related issues. This direct assess to ENT doctors is something special to our clinic and is a fabulous resource for our patients.


Free Hearing Aid Trial

We provide a 90 day free hearing aid trial.


No Hassle Returns and Exchanges

We encourage our patients to our no hassle returns and exchange policy to ensure they get a hearing aid that is comfortable and beneficial.


Client Satisfaction Guarantee

At Markham Hearing Centre we focus on client satisfaction. This includes providing a wide range of products at a competitive price, quick response time to problems and repairs, plus no hassle returns and exchanges.


All Manufactures

Unlike other clinics our office offers hearing aids from all the different manufactures. Therefore, we have greater access to finding just the right product for you.


Longer Appointments

Our staff focuses on patient satisfaction and therefore our clients will never feel rushed. Although our office time is greatly in demand we will continue to allow our patients the time necessary to understand the results of their hearing tests or the functions of their hearing aids. All initial hearing aid evaluations are scheduled for a full 30 minutes so all the options can fully be discussed.


Our Staff

Our staff is patient, understanding, and friendly. This makes them ideal to work with those suffering from hearing loss. Come in for a visit and see the difference.


Special Promotions

From our special battery club, free hearing aid cleaning, and other special promotions we are always looking for ways to better service our customers.


New Technology

We strive at bringing the newest digital products to our client base as fast as possible. By communicating with our manufactures, attending seminars and conferences, we ensure that our staff is up to date on all the newest technology and products.