Help for Both Ears


Just as we need two eyes to see better we also require two ears to hear well. Eighty percent of individuals with hearing impairment have loss in both ears. Hearing with both ears compared to one produces strong results for those who has a hearing impairment in both ears. Some of the advantages are:

Keeps both ears active research shows when only one aid is worn, the unaided ear tends to strain itself to hear as well as the aided ear. Wearing two hearing aid keeps both ears stimulated slowing down the deterioration of loss.

Better understanding and localization of speech– By wearing two hearing aids the brain can focus easier on the conversation. With two aids you will also find the ability to locate the direction of sound better. i.e In traffic you can tell which direction a siren is coming from.

Smoother Sound Quality with the use of two aids the volume will not have to be as high. This will result in better sound quality and less distortion. Also, with the volume settings lowered the chances of feedback are reduced.

Understanding better in a noisy situation With two hearing aids speech intelligibility is better.

Balanced Sound– When wearing two hearing aids, you will increase your hearing range. This greater range provides a better sense of balance and sound quality. A person will also be able to determine sounds coming from a further distance.